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Help keep our campaigner going

Just started
Goal: $25,000.00

Forests in the Kuark are protected from logging! But many other forests across East Gippsland need us.

Our campaigner Ed Hill needs your help to achieve more great outcomes with GECO. Please make a tax deductible donation to support his part time position.

In February 2015, for the first time ever, we decided to create a paid campaigner position at GECO.

We hired Ed and paid him for two days a week.

Ed's persistent efforts have supported our amazing volunteers and managed to thrust East Gippsland's forests into the spotlight.

Here's some awesome stuff he's done:

 - Used his digital campaign skills to build and maintain GECOs website and data base

 - Empowered tens of thousands of people to contact decision makers through online actions and advocacy

 - Put East Gippsland's forests on the political radar, through lobbying and constant mainstream media articles 

 - Organsied 13 survey camps in East Gippsland's threatened forests

 - Help stop illegal logging operations that GECO and FFRC volunteers have reported

As we approach the end of this financial year, we need your help to keep Ed's position going.

Please give a tax deductible donation to support Ed with a modest part time wage for the next year.